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JUST RELEASED, "The Secret to a New Life" by J Thomas Smith.

Most lives are full of confusion and conflict with the potential of pandemonium at every turn. Amidst all this, people have an inner yearning to know others and themselves better. They want to establish a relationship with their Inner Power. They want a more meaningful life free of stress and anxiety, full of love and acceptance, and with the freedom to grow. So what is The Secret to a New Life of change, inner strength, and peace? That’s exactly what author J Thomas Smith shares here.

The writings in this book are briefs of his Sunday Talks. He seeks to improve the lives of everyone with whom he comes in contact. His only goal is to “Do Good.” He teaches of the Presence and the Power of God in everyone. He points the way to abundant living. Those who follow his teachings have found a new zest for living. They have found their lives transformed with better health, more happiness, more success, and better personal relationships.

It addresses issues that will help everyone to live a happier, more harmonious, and healthier life. The Secret to a New Life is a metaphysical primer. It is a “How to” book presented with the beginning metaphysician in mind. If readers want or need a “new thought” about themselves or their circumstances, then they will find the spiritual foundation in the pages of this book.

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