About Us

“My Spirit and Success” is here to help you in your spiritual evolvement and to provide material to motivate you to achieve your highest potential in all areas of life. Here, at My Spirit and Success, we believe that there is nothing and no one who can keep you from accomplishing that which you truly and deeply want to achieve, assuming you have the desire, capacity and the willingness to do what is required for success. Not only that, we believe that once you decide, the power which is God, will guide you to people and resources to help you in your pursuits. To help you on the path we have a number of resources, including readings, music, incense, jewelry and other goods to inspire you and to help you to achieve your highest and best. As you browse the site, sample some of the music. There are selections that are excellent for listening or a centering aid for meditation. As a further aid to meditation we have incense, candles and oils. There are a number of e-book topics addressing mantras and affirmations. All together, we believe that we have put together a collection of items that will help you to achieve the highest and the best as you develop your spirit and achieve success in all that you attempt. And may you continue to be blessed in all of your endeavors.
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